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4 episodes

Actually, this series “Baroness Von Sketch Show” is comedy sketches, exclusively themes for women of all ages. Of course, it is invented and reproduced mainly by the female team, and all roles are performed here by women. They cover a variety of topics, mostly relevant topics of everyday life, culture, books but from a feminine point of view. But the shows are quite short here – not one lasts more than five minutes, and most of them are in the range of one to two minutes.


Anne (season 2)

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10 episodes

The series “Anne” is based on the books of Montgomery and tells about the adoption of Anne, her adaptation to the society after the orphanage and the difficulties in school. She is prejudiced: she has red hair, she is ugly, and since she is from an orphanage, that means she is automatically worse than ordinary people and is able to spoil the right girls and boys from good families. And of course, as soon as something happens, they immediately blame her.


Schitt’s Creek (season 4)

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12 episodes

The Canadian comic series “Schitt’s Creek” will tell about the rich family of Rose. The boundless confidence in their financial manager has led the family to financial ruin. He ruined them, did not pay taxes and disappeared. The family moves to the only remaining property in the small village of Schitt’s Creek, where they start a completely different life full of difficulties, obstacles and fun moments.


Workin’ Moms (season 2)

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13 episodes

Workin’ Moms follows the lives of four women as they juggle love, careers, and parenthood. They support, challenge, and try not to judge each other as life throws them curveballs. Whether it is an identity crisis, a huge job opportunity, postpartum depression, or an unplanned pregnancy – they face both the good and bad with grace and humour. Kate is the flawed and fearless heart and soul of the series, who has stark home/life decisions to make. She relies on her closest friend Anne, a no-nonsense psychiatrist and mother of two, who is facing a massive family challenge. Charming and unpredictable Frankie livens any dark moment as she struggles with her own instability and relationship malaise. And sweet, former sorority girl Jenny seeks an uncharacteristically reckless awakening. Together the friends fearlessly confront the polarizing and unexpected realities of being working moms. (more…)


Heartland (season 11)

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18 episodes

The plot of the series “Heartland” is based on the story of the life of one large and very friendly family. The heroes live in a small Canadian town where everyone knows each other. Friends, relatives, there are no differences, everyone is ready to help at any time of the day or night, and even in the most difficult situations, the characters are sure that they are not alone. A great friendly company of the characters are experiencing not only happy moments, but also sadness, loss and pain. Agree, in our time it is very rare to meet a truly friendly family and friends who are ready to come at any time to help. While watching the series you will worry for the characters, as well as laughing with them and crying. What adventures are waiting for them in the future, you can find out while watching the series. (more…)


Burden of Truth (season 1)

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10 episodes

A small town is becoming a new stage in the life of the main character in the series “Burden of Truth” named Joanna Hanley. Despite the fact that here she was born and grew up, she obviously did not feel much nostalgia for this place after she came here from a big and bubbling metropolis, in which she made herself a name and a dizzying career. She returned home to begin investigating a very complicated and strange crime, which gathered a lot of questions around. It is associated with a group of young girls who contract a very strange disease. So far, even doctors can not understand what’s wrong, but Johanna realizes that it is this disease that will answer many questions, and will also come out on the trail of the criminal.


Caught (season 1)

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5 episodes

The series “Caught” is a crime drama that tells how in 1972, David Slaney and Brian Hearn in Newfoundland bought a small vessel and decided to organize their own business. Illegal business gradually unwound, but unexpectedly the police covered their enterprise. David was caught. Brian managed to escape, leaving his best friend. Five years later, Slaney escapes from prison. On the loose, David communicates with a former partner. He suggests to forget past disagreements and start a new deal.


7 episodes

This is a comedy sketch show “Baroness Von Sketch Show” for women. All the actors in the show are also women. This is an entertaining show that will make you wonder, laugh and just give you a chance to relax. The show, prepared and filmed in a comedy genre for a female audience, has gained great popularity. The participants of the program themselves openly say that the new show is aimed at demonstrating to the public that female humor is no worse in sharpness and depth than the male one.


Kim’s Convenience (season 2)

13,056 views Comments (0)


13 episodes

Sometimes, some of the immigrants need to learn new skills to become useful citizens in the country they have chosen. Kim’s family in a funny comedy series “Kim’s Convenience” is mastering the skills of managing a 24-hour shop in the suburbs of Toronto. The whole story unfolds around the family of Korean immigrants in the 80 years of the last century. The series is full of funny situations and dialogues between family members. (more…)


Mr. D (season 7)

2,983 views Comments (0)

Mr. D

11 episodes

The series “Mr. D” in a light and unobtrusive form will describe the life of Jerry Dee. Once Jr. was a good comedian and skillfully entertained the audience, but then he was forced to get a job as a teacher, without the slightest idea about it. It is the teacher’s responsibility to teach children something new and unfamiliar, and most importantly, useful. Here the hero finds for himself some difficulties – he has absolutely no experience, does not like school and has absolutely no idea what to talk with the students. Another person in his place would have given up long ago, but not Jerry. He finds a way out of this situation – he tells the children about life, taking examples from personal experience. (more…)